Before You Apply


Multiple positions available including, Customer Service Representative, Maintenance/Custodial, Shift Supervisor-in-Training, Manager-in-Training.


You will receive on the job training in a store and/or Dairy Queen. Your progress is tailored to your successful completion of training.  There is, however, no guarantee of time for completion.

Job Requirements

No experience necessary…these are HANDS-ON positions.

All positions self-motivated and self-reliant individuals who enjoy meeting the public, with a willingness to clean the bathrooms, sell at the front counter, or complete necessary daily paperwork in the store or Dairy Queen.  You must do whatever the supervisor deems most important at the time to take care of our customers in the manner Bowlin requires.


You must be willing to transfer to any Bowlin location within the company.  The decision on transfers is made by the Corporate office.  It is Bowlin’s goal that you complete your training at one location whenever possible.  At present, all Bowlin locations are in New Mexico and Arizona.


Employees normally work forty hours per week.  No employee is guaranteed any particular days off so you must be willing to work whatever days are assigned to you in order to have sufficient coverage in the operation.


All tattoos must be covered during working hours.  Nose, lip, tongue, eyebrow or other facial piercings will not be worn.  Female employees can only wear one earring per ear and male employees are not authorized to wear earrings on duty.


You must have the physical and mental abilities that are necessary to complete the requirements of the job including, but not limited to, being able to stand for an eight hour shift, lift what is required to get the job done, bend, kneel, see and hear customers, and take and follow instructions.

Advancement Opportunities

Future advancement  is not automatically granted based on time with the company, it is earned by merit, recommendation, and final approval in written form.


BOWLIN’s policy is to promote from within whenever possible. All promotions require the recommendation of the Manager, General Manager of the Store or DQ Operations, and the approval of the Director of Operations and/or the Human Resources Director/Deputy Director.


Salary will be discussed during the interview. NOTE:  We will attempt to makes adjustments to the pay based on experience, which is applicable to our business.


In addition to the base pay, you may earn a 5% commission on any sales you make over $50.00 in the store.  Each pay period, those exceeding $100 or $200 in commissions will be honored and recognized as members of the elite $100 and $200 clubs.  If you are taking advantage of your time behind the counter and out on the floor and depending on your sales ability, your commission earnings significantly increase your earnings.


We  have on-premise housing at each site for trainees that are qualified for housing upon employment (Housing is not always available for single assistant manager or manager candidates). Our housing consists of unfurnished two and three bedroom mobile homes, which have been and continue to be remodeled, renovated and replaced. The rent for a single wide without pets is $62.50 per person, per pay period, with pets $67.50. The rent for tenants in a double wide is $75.00 per person, per pay period. The rent for tenants with pets will be $80.00 per person, per pay period ($320 per pay month). Additional persons over the age of 18 living in the mobile home will also pay the rate prescribed above. The single employee rate is $125 per pay period without pets and $135 per pay period with pets. The rent includes utilities. The rent is within guidelines set by the IRS so as not to be too low to cause any other compensation problems. You can view our housing by location here.



Bowlin has found it necessary to require a damage deposit of $500.00 per mobile home.


Pet information must be reported before moving in. A deposit of $500.00 is required for pets, with a maximum of two domesticated animals being allowed. Pet deposits are refunded to you after 30 days if you leave our firm, after a company official has inspected your home and no damages were found. NOTE: If you move in without a pet and wish to acquire one at a later date, it is required that you obtain prior approval from the corporate office in written form. Because of the liabilities, we do not authorize employees to keep Dobermans, Rottweilers, or Pit Bulls on site.


Note: The deposits will be paid through a payroll deduction of $40.00 per person per pay period until the total amount is reached


RV parking on or near most operations. We welcome our RV employees and offer free parking and full hook-ups with a $100 deposit.

Corporate Office:

150 Louisiana Boulevard NE

Albuquerque, NM 87108


Bowlin Travel Centers, Inc. is a smoke-free company.

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